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    This post is not about programming, but rather about Deploy applications and a little about administration. The easiest way to host a UniGUI application on the StandAlone server is to simply drop the EXE file onto the server machine. Our EXE itself is a server program, so on the server machine we just need to run ...
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    Let’s write a simple UniGUI link anonymizer with a limited link expiration date. First, let’s make a simple option – relying on the API of a third-party service. Our task is only to attach a time limit to such a link. Naturally, if we use a third-party service, then smart people will simply copy the anonymized link after ...
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    The example is taken from the UniGUI forum and slightly modified. Here’s what we get in the end     Usage example. We can customize the number of digits, the number of stripes, angles, colors and so on. See the code.   unit Main; interface uses   Windows, Messages, SysUtils, Variants, Classes, Graphics,   Controls, Forms, Dialogs, ...
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    Today I stumbled upon an interesting feature in UniGui – to handle component events using JavaScript, and specifically using functions from the ExtJS library. Let’s look at a simple example. Let’s open the UniGui project in Delphi and add 2 UniButton1 and UniEdit1 elements to the form Now, in the object inspector, find ExtEvents Next, ...
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    Hello guys. In some cases we have BLOB fields in the databases for storing texts. There are times when it is important to retrieve line by line from this BLOB that acts as a StringList or Memo. Cool, but how to do? To help, we created a procedure that converts a BLOB of plain text ...
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    Today we will see a SQL tip, very useful in our day to day. There are cases that we are setting up our query, procedure or trigger and we need to change the value of a timestmp field, more precisely to add or remove hours. the first thing that comes to mind, would be something ...
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